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An effective portfolio demonstrates the importance of a professional presence in the workplace. These samples cover a wide variety of topics, and this information will greatly increase the visibility of organizational values. Some of these samples are strategic communications that provide suggestions for resolution to the issue or conflict.

Consumers associate products with keywords. Brand awareness is the first course of action leading toward the marketing funnel. This is search engine optimization (SEO). To achieve successful  outcomes, the consumer can use long-tail keywords. These phrasings generally rank better than short tail descriptions. Long-tail strategists claim that consumers are going from mass-market purchasing to more lucrative niche interactions. This brings more customers to the website through organic searching. Because long-tail keywords are specific, they lead to more conversions.

SEO, Positioning, Funnel, Branding, Research

The marketplace is crowded with numerous products that position themselves in the minds of the consumer. This is the positioning of a product and this concept allows the copywriter to determine the differences and similarities among market competitors. The goal is to connect with the target audience on a personal level. Basically, effective positioning ensures that marketing messages will clearly stand out from the competition. The copywriter must create content that resonates with consumers and compels them to generate a conversion. To achieve this goal, the copywriter needs to demonstrate that the perception is the reality.  

The marketing funnel represents the sales process where the goal is to generate quality leads. The awareness phase is where lead generation starts. The company must have quality content on their website so that when the customer succeeds, the company succeeds. Inbound content must meet the needs and values of the consumer. During this process, the company gathers personal data, such as email addresses, that can be used in relevant campaigns. The goal is to create customers who become advocates.

The purpose of branding is to create a product that has a clear identity. A brand contains a logo, mission, and tone of voice. A unique brand is optimal. The product must contain a commitment, position, personality and story that differs from the competition. The practitioner must consider the placement of the consumer in the marketing funnel to create a productive dialogue. For example, the essential factors at the top of the funnel are very obvious. This information must focus on the initial exposure of the product to the consumer. At this stage in the process, the consumer will discover the essential characteristics of the product.   

Copywriters must use all of the tools at their disposal. This involves market research. Once that information has been obtained, the copywriter can address the values of consumers. The copywriter must use inquiring questions to verify the accuracy of market research. For example, when searching for information on a particular topic, the researcher will note this content and compare this information with the most recent data published on that subject matter. This gives the conversation structure.

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